Thursday, November 26, 2009

D1 Bedroom ideas


In the comments, he wrote "The base is made of 2" square, Mild Steel Tubing (use a .125" thick wall for strength!). Working from the final dimensions of The "EXPEDIT", I cut the Steel tubing/1st a frame/same size as bottom of the Bookshelf. Then, after that was welded, added the legs (same 2" square material), added some brackets, hidden in the "well" of the base- to screw the frame to the underside of the EXPEDIT. (also- small detail- so the legs were actually "flush" to the wall- I notched the back of the rear legs to "match" the baseboard).After it was all ground smooth and Surface Conditioned- I applied a Black Patina, neutralized it and the sprayed it w/ a clear Lacquer.
Purrrrty, eh?"

Yes indeed. I showed it to D1 who said, "Do they have it in white?"

D1 has decided that his new room is to be painted the whitest white ever. And that everything in his room is to be white.

This is my child?

"How about a little bit of colour?"

"No! I want it to be white. It will be awesome."

"You're going to have to keep it very clean....."

"Mmmm hmmm.."

Incidentally, I love this room :-)

I emailed the designer, she runs a children's store in NYC, and had been featured on Apartment Therapy - a great website - and she very kindly told me what the table was and I located it. It is really cool. It's actually a VERY upmarket conference table from Topdeq for $1500, a company that no longer sells in the anyone?

This table is probably going to work. Except it is an ikea so quality might not be the best....and guess what...according to the website, it is not available....I like the clean lines of the Topdeq table, though if this goes into the computer room for D1 to use, he's going to need storage for papers...

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