Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day 3 nov 5 thursday

Called Green Mountain Energy to disconnect power. Since the next time we connect will be past 45 days, they said we will need to go through a credit verification before they reconnect and it would take 4 days to get power back to the house.

I then realised that I needed to understand how Jeff's men are going to get power to run their tools that they need and as we are responsible for the utility bill during remodeling, who does what when?

An email later, the mystery was solved. They will order a temp meter to be installed on the pole that is currently in the corner back garden. They will pay the bills and we will reimburse them. We don't have to be involved in the ordering process. And when they are ready for the new permanent meter, they'll let us know and we can order it then.

A lot of people have expressed sympathy that we're doing this because of the stress. But thus far, there has been very little stress. Certainly, it is tedious to have to pack up. But then we really needed an opportunity to de-clutter and having a brand new house to move back into is strong motivation.

Having another place to move to - our townhouse just 2 miles down the street - does help financially. I had looked around the area and the rental prices were quite high.

I had originally thought and intended to live in the house during the remodel process. I know the household two streets up from us had done that. But apparently, not having us in the house and not having to turn on and off the gas for us makes everything easier for the workers, saves time, which saves money.

Perhaps I am being over optimistic and not realistic. But so far, the communication with Jeff has been very clear and that helps. Knowing what is happening, what needs to happen and what we can do or not do to move things along makes a difference.

And after almost 10 months of planning, waiting, revising of plans, resubmission of documents to various individuals and entities, we are just so happy that we are finally beginning.

Today, they laid out the boards for the concrete. It only took a few hours. I got a much better idea of the size of the project when they were done. The mudroom is not as large as I thought it would be but it is fine. I thought the walkway between the garage and the mudroom would be longer but it is only a few feet. So it is really nice to see take shape.

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