Friday, November 20, 2009

day 16 Wednesday

They put up the second story in less than 8 hours. They even have the roof framed!

They even had the windows in the front framed and I was concerned as the windows looked too squat and high. we went up there to look and we were puzzled as they were too high to see out of.

We were tremendously impressed with the pace of the work as is everyone who drives by.

The window issue turned out to be the result of the difference between the engineering plan and the design plan. It looks like we can address the window issue by turning the windows into dormers.

We also found out there will be a dead valley on the roof where the old roof above the master bedroom meets the addition. The men building the house already noticed this and told the builder that they will just have to build a longer cricket than the plans called for.

Note that I have no idea what a cricket is if it isn't a noisy insect.

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