Saturday, November 28, 2009

ProjectsDay 26

No one is working at the house. It's a good time to go over and look through the salvaged material. i.e. the cedar planks they pulled off the house. I don't know what happened to the ones from the garage. ye gods...did they throw them? They must have....oh well....surely I have more than enough right?...cedar!!! could I have missed those?!!?

Here are some gardening projects we have thought up. By "we", I really mean the royal "we".....

a storage shed for tools

seedling rack

Grow lights
Cold frame
Rain barrels

And this amazing blog about vegetable gardening in Houston!

I'm going to have to some moving around of various plants this winter to prepare for the Spring planting. I think the rose bushes in the back will have to be moved to the side where they will get more sunshine anyway. The main reason I haven't done it is because the basketball hoop is there.

And it looks like the playground set will be coming down...I have a story about that set...but it will have to wait another day.

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