Monday, November 23, 2009

Sat Day 19 Sunday Day 20

It's drizzling steadily. There are men at the house moving lumber into the house and tidying up on the second floor. I was surprised to see them and wondered what they planned to achieve. They tossed my question round like a hot potato until one was elected chief representative. He said as it was raining, they couldn't do any work on the outside. I replied that was clear but what DID they intend to do?

Blank looks all around, so I helpfully suggested, "Perhaps a spot of tidying up?"

Oh, yes. That prompted the fellow already sweeping the sawdust to one side to sweep a little more vigorously.

I'm sure they were glad to see me leave as it seemed from their answers that they thought I was asking them an imperative when it was just an interrogative. It wasn't even an interrogation. At least I got a full paragraph which is more than I can say for 80 percent of my 8:30am students who can barely manage a monosyllabic answer to my questions.

They were done by the afternoon. The house looks rather forlorn draped in mismatched tarp. Despite the dubious appearance, the second story is mostly dry with the bathroom getting most of the wet.

Sunday - no work on house. We need a crew of atheists.

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