Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 27 Sunday

No work on house. Never have I been so anxious for the dawn of a work day....

We are settling into the townhouse well, much better than I anticipated, although having a 2 story town house is nice, as I can get away when I need some space. If it got to that, I can even close the walk in closet, lie down and take a nap and hide from the four kittens who take turns spending quality time with me.

I just managed to get Cicero, the one who looks like a black tiger, off my laptop keyboard. And if I type very fast, I might have a few minutes to myself before they send another kitten up to check on me. They are much bigger than when these pics were taken in late Sept/mid Oct but they do spend a lot of time sleeping.Exceptat 4:45am when they wake me up. I get up at 5am and you'd think they'd give me that extra 15 minutes...but noo.....

Clockwise, Patches, Seraphine, Smoky - blue eyed innocence
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Clockwise, Patches, Smoky and Cicero- green eyes, and claiming the sofa as theirs  
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It is disconcerting to realise how spoiled we are living in a house with the driveway right next to the backdoor. The townhouse does not have an attached garage. The distance for example between the car park and the townhouse isn't great, maybe 30 feet or so. But it makes for a long and heavy walk when laden with groceries. We have not yet hooked up the utilities, since said laundry room here is filled with boxes. So I have been doing laundry at a friend's apartment complex near my office which is turning out to be a rather efficient set up, if a tad inconvenient.

I am glad we had this option. I know people have lived in their houses while putting second floor on. Having seen our own house, I can imagine the inconvenience endured. One builder said he was going to set it up so we could live in the house and run the laundry facilities, and I believe he was going to try. Another one said, it could be done but would extend the building and cost more in the long run. Our builder said it would be safer if we just moved out. And as cramped as we are here, it would have been worse in the house as it stands now.

I am still, however, counting down the days.....four months equals two 30 day months and two 31 day months. I could have been unreasonable and set the schedule for 4 consecutive Februaries....

So we are now 27 days into a 122 day schedule...and it hasn't been that bad at all. The main rush was the first two weeks, trying to pack up and get out. And I know I will be anxious to reverse direction. But Jeff gives me a list of to-dos that keep me busy - go pick out fixtures, hardware, plumbing...and I've got things I want to look into as well - a new front loading washer/dryer, a dual level dishwasher -so a trip to the library is on the list.

Hope everyone had a good holiday weekend.

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