Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day 25 Black Friday

Didn't go by the house today, but apparently no one was there. Iknow the shingles didn't get delivered today. The roofers were anxious to get on with it and said they would shingle if they could on Saturday.

Stayed far away from insane people who probably spent hours queuing up to get into stores, and then to pay for their purchases.....

Here's another cool idea for bedrooms...

The boys are really looking forward to their gameroom/play area. A few months ago, a friend walked into the family room downstairs a few months ago, and looking at the playmobil scattered around, she said, "You're very good to let them play here."

Where else would they play? Then I got it. At least I think I did. The family room is a public area and should always look good. It never occurred to me to forbid the boys to play in a "public" area.

It wasn't easy keeping it clean and tidy especially with the little parts that make up any playmobil or star wars set! It got progressively difficult as we began to think about remodeling, and began having boxes all over the place in a seemingly unending packing up mode. But my children LIVE here. Other people VISIT.

Still, it will be great for the boys to have a space where they can lay out their grand battles or games and not have people accidentally walk on or kick, and they won't have to hear me tell them to clean up if they are in the middle of a battle royale.

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