Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday Day 32 Snow Day

When I swung around to get D2 from early dismissal, it was snowing already. I saw huge stacks of the aspalt blend shingles on the roof. No roofer in sight in that weather. Much later in the afternoon when I swung back to the house to drag the three pots of plumerias in (when did they grow so BIG?)with the help of one of the young men there, I saw the gorgeous back doors had been put in. It looks lovely. I shall miss the wood doors because I rather liked that warm natural look contrast with the wood floor. But no matter.

The electricians were working.Or trying to in this weather.

I doubt any work will be done on the weekend due to the weather. Almost everything has shut down. Planned events were canceled. We are warm and cozy in our townhouse, the four kittens are purring away, chasing catnip in their dreams no doubt. Armed with lots of Dorohy Sayers books from the library, we will have a nice stay this evening.

I took pictures of the house blanketed with snow which I shall upload later.

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