Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thursday Day 31's official. It has been a full month since work began on the house. This week nothing seems to have happened, but I was there this morning and the electricians were there. I got to talk to Jeff about light placements and closet doors. We shrank the boys' closets from 2"8 to 2"4. I don' know that 2" each way on either side will make a difference....but maybe it will.

The ceiling in the computer room downstairs IS falling apart. Jeff and the framer were there and Jeff said it needed to be replaced because "you guys didn't do the flashing right" and there was a sheepish grin. These terms...they are a whole 'other world....

When I left the crew for the siding had arrived. The crew for the framing return at noon and they will reframe the closet doors and the upstairs computer room. The plans called for pocket doors and I didn't catch that when they were framing it. We are going to take the nice wood door with the glass that was our family room/back door, and use that upstairs.

It is bitterly cold today. I never wear the right clothes for this type of change of weather days and apparently it will snow tomorrow. I fished out the boys winter jackets and my hats for tomorrow.

One month down....hopefully only three to go.

It really hasn't been that bad. We've settled into our townhouse. And we are excited and pleased about the progress on the house. Jeff said it will seem as if not much work is being done as the drywalls don't go up for another month. But there are inspections and all kinds of things going on.

Anyway, I thought I'd leave you with some organisation porn. Yeah, that's right, you read it here.....

Is this not the most luscious craft room ever?

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