Tuesday, December 1, 2009

tues day 29

It has been raining steadily for most of the evening. The kittens are on my lap which maks it difficult to typ. Smoky continues to paw the touch pad. Sraphin sms to b paying close attention to my typing, or so I thought until her had droppd onto th touch pad and I realised she had fallen asleep. so much for my rivting prose. oh and th e isn't working well.

Cicero has stalked off, h was offended that I kept moving him off the laptop, but only bcause he dos insist on sitting right next to th scren.

i am not going to b able to typ more at this rate, betwen th misbhaving e and on cat fast aslep on the laptop, another trying to paw at it and one fast aslp on my lap and one stalking th laptop...

there were no men working at the house when i stopped y around noon and again around 3pm. th windows has been put in though not all had ben shut and I left it thus thinking..there must be a reason and now of cours it is raining.

there was a green inspection sticker for plumbing on the front door.

it's now the start of the 5th week. amazing.

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