Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tuesday Day 36

Today marks the start of the 6th week.

You know that person in the mystery novels a la Agatha Christi and Dorothy Sayers. That super observant person. Or Shaun from Psych(a great show if you haven't yet seen it).Monk perhaps?

The one who solves the crime because he/she was sitting in the London bound train in a carriage and remembered every single person in the compartment, and even remembered that so and so had a nail biting habit?

You know that person?

It's not me.

The electrician is finding that out the hard way. Yesterday he asked me, "Do you remember if this light was connected to the same switch as the others?"

Now an observant person who had lived in the house for some years would have easily said yay or nay. All I could do was look at him blankly and ask,"What light? There was a light there?"

He pointed above and a lightbulb literally appeared above my head. "Oh that light."

Er, I guess so. Why?

He pointed to the nest of electrical wires coiled around each other like snakes caught in the midst of a roman orgy. "There's a LOT of wires up there. But I can't figure out where they go to."

Seeing the baffled expression on my face, he said, "So what I'm going to do is take all those wires out and run that light to this one here."

Having resolved that wiry issue yesterday, he thought he'd test his luck elsewhere today.

He asked me, "Do you remember if there were one or two lights in the hallway?"


The roofer came by this afternoon and I overheard him having an agitated phone conversation with my builder over who did what and who tore off too much and why he wasn't responsible for that or this. I decided to use my lack of super observation powers for good and turned a blind eye and ear to the whole thing. It's not my mess to solve. I gather there will be some discussion on reimbursement or lackthereof, but as I'm not responsible for who didn't do what when, or who did what to whom, I'm absolving myself of the whole thing.

Of course, the roofer did tell me that the new part - the new roof and brand new shingles looked great (though they haven't completed roofing due to weather). And stamping his feet lightly on the old existing roof said, "This part doesn't look great."

Yeah yeah...I know...but I can't tell the difference between the older shingles and the newer ones in this weather. And while I know some of the older shingles could be replaced, I'm not going to take on that expense at this point. These shingles are supposed to last 30 years and they've been there about 9.

I hope no one asks me any "remember" questions tomorrow. With any luck, it'll be something like, "Remember this dead body in the attic?".......

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